How an Open Source Software is Developed

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How an Open Source Software is DevelopedThe development of open source software involves a process where the codes are made available to the public and can be used and modified by anyone. It is made by developers for end users. Because of the huge demand for software development in the past, new techniques had to be used to come up with a faster and more efficient process of creating varied computer applications. The previous methods were so structured because not many tools and technologies were available.

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Using an Open Source Licensed Software

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sing an Open Source Licensed SoftwareA lot of widely used computer applications now are results of developments done by a community of users on software that have carried open source licenses. This is a type of license which permits different users to utilize the program and apply modifications following a specific set of conditions. Users can change the codes to suit their needs and test the capacity of the program. There are other types of licenses that are also given like the special and superceded licenses. This is the one though that’s preferable when developing web applications because of the flexibility that it allows. The ease of use that it gives users is the reason why it has also been called “free software”.

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How to Make a Fitness Website in 20 Minutes

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This article will walk you through a few simple steps that will help you build your own fitness site in twenty minutes or so. You won’t need all the advertised fancy tools that try to put a hole in your pocket in order to build your own training website. Instead, this simple guide will enable you to build a cool fitness website easily in no time at all.

Building the outline of your website:

In order to build a website, you have to get a domain and a hosting account, or you can use WordPress or Blogger to get a free domain and hosting account to set up your website and get it up and running in a few minutes.

What to Avoid when creating the content of your fitness website:

There are loads of fitness websites out there and most of those are full of rehashed content, so only a few fitness websites are really helpful to their visitors. Create content that can offer people useful information that is exciting and reflect a unique point of view.

Avoid discussing matters that you don’t know much about. The fitness niche is a critical one that can change the lives of people, so spreading out false information can ruin people’s lives. Research your topic well and study it thoroughly, before giving advice to your audience.

Offer visitors of your website useful software or tools:

Software and online tools are being used by more and more people today to help them get fitter. Your fitness website should offer people useful software and tools that would provide them with useful information including calorie meters, workout planners…etc.

If you use WordPress, you will find many relevant applications that you can install on your website in a few minutes. If your budget permits, you can always hire a coder to design special applications for your fitness website.

Allow users to interact with you:

If you want your website to stand out in the fitness and personal training niche, you have to offer your visitors ways to interact with you. Remember that people will come to your website because they want to be fitter and stronger, so giving attention to their special needs and solving their training problems will sure increase the loyalty and number of your website visitors. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social networks to help visitors interact with you. Blog commenting can also facilitate interaction of your visitors with each other.

Allow your website visitors to share success stories on a special section on your website. You can increase the credibility of such stories by adding pictures. Such success stories can motivate other readers to follow your website and listen to your advice to replicate the success of others.

Following these simple steps, you will be able to build your fitness website easily and quickly. Despite the aggressive competition out there in the fitness website niche, work and dedication can help you create fitness site that will stand out in the crowd.

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The Future of Motorcycle Helmet Technology

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These days the best motorcycle helmets are impressive pieces of equipment. Every year we read reviews on motorcycle helmets and how they are getting lighter, stronger and performing better with improved features. However, this seems to be the trend year after year, with no real new revolutionary features being introduced. Well soon that may not be the case. Engineers have been working on incredible new technologies like HUD, aka heads-up display, which will change the way motorcyclists ride forever.

Riding a motorcycle obviously has its risks, but <a href=""a distracted rider can make it increasingly dangerous. One large distraction that motorcyclists have long had to deal with is following GPS directions while riding. As of today GPS systems are mounted in on the bike. This forces the rider to have to constantly look up and down to check the directions and enter street names while riding, causing them to be distracted. This is hazardous for the rider and others on the road but new HUD technology can change all of that.

Having a built in GPS display on your helmet shield would allow riders to never have to look away from the road ahead of them. All of the information would be right there for them to see, no more looking up and down trying to follow directions. Not only that, it will be voice controlled aka hands free, eliminating the need to punch in numbers and street names. However, GPS won’t be the only feature available with the HUD technology. Other important information like traffic situations and weather can be displayed, giving riders all of the info they need while allowing them to only have to use their hands to control the bike.

Now, although this will eliminate certain distractions, it may create new ones. After all having a road map or weather forecast right in front of your face will do that right? Well not necessarily. Engineers have been doing extensive research on this, finding ways to minimize these distractions. Studies have been conducted to find the optimal spot on the shield to place the display, allowing riders to easily see the map without having it in the way of the road ahead. Also, the full map display will not been shown at high speeds, only showing the minimal amount of info at these times. A light sensor is also used to adjust the display brightness for night time and daytime riding.

One other issue being faced is something that most devices face as well, battery life. That’s right, the HUD is planned to be powered by a small battery inside the helmet. It is said to be able to last for up to a day. This is a decent amount of life but could be a minor issue in certain situations like road trips.

As you can see, the future of the motorcycle helmet is about to change. This technology will help improve the safety as well as the enjoyment of motorcycle riding. Some car companies like BMW are already using this technology on the windshields of their new cars. It’s also being taken advantage of in fighter jets. So we know it is useful and can be done, it just needs to function without being too distracting. There are man developers out there working on it as we speak. It won’t be too long before these HUD helmets will be the new standard in motorcycle head protection.

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Coolest Smartphone Features for Men

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Mobile phones have already given way to the smarter capabilities and functionalities of the more innovative smartphones. These advanced functionalities introduce a whole new level of web browsing, multimedia entertainment and mobile gaming. With these smarter capabilities, your smartphones can be a pocket-sized version of your computer.

Indeed, two-way communication functions through calls and text messaging are already outdated. After the sneak peek that CES 2014 gave on this year’s new technologies and innovations, there is no denying that developments in the smartphone market will continue to roll. Surely, male tech junkies would be very thrilled to get their hands on these coolest smartphone features.

Flexible screens. Though smartphones are getting bigger and bigger, flexible screens will still make them cool and trendy. The first smartphone brand that has penetrated into this concept is LG with is G Flex that is scheduled to be launched in February. This curved smartphone from the Korean electronics giant runs on a quad-core 2.26GHz processor with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and uses the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system. This smartphone also features impeccable front and rear camera resolutions and massive RAM and internal memory spaces. In addition, LG’s self-healing technology makes this curved gadget a really good buy.

Built-in projector. For sure, the limited screen size of smartphones robs off the excitement in watching videos with someone. Thankfully, men could get hold of a smartphone with a built-in projector feature. During the second half of 2010, Samsung welcomed Galaxy Beam with its projector feature integrated in the phone. This mobile-integrated projector could project images and videos of 50 inches, at 15 lumens. The projections are set in OHP or Ambience mode. Hopefully, more and more smartphone brands will offer this one-of-a-kind technology. Soon, you may bump into a smartphone that could function as a gaming console even without a television screen.

A6 chip. Without a doubt, Apple continues to wow gadget fans with its innovations such as the A6 chip featured in iPhone 5C. With this feature, fast and efficient running of the applications will not compromise the battery life. A6 chip allows iPhone users to do everything they want with their Apple gadget at a speed they never thought they would be able to enjoy. Your phone’s energy efficiency partner will allow you to enjoy and make the most of your gadget without getting low on battery. Surely, your fun and enjoyment will not be short-lived.

Ultrafast LTE technology. Long term evolution (LTE) is undeniably a much improved version of the earlier 3G technology. The latest smartphone models equipped with LTE technology allow the users to enjoy high-speed uploads and downloads. Apple’s iPhone 5C boasts of up to 13 LTE bands and a wide range of supported LTE carriers. Other leading smartphone models loaded with LTE capabilities include Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nokia Lumia 920. You can also use a very handy service Flvto Converter to download any music from youtube to your device and enjoy it on the way.

Indeed, the future looks very promising and ingenious for the world of smartphones. By choosing a smartphone with these cool features, men will surely get a treat they would love to brag about.

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WordPress is so much more than a simple Blogging Platform

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Using WordPress purely for blogging is like having a surgeon come round to carve your Sunday roast; yes they can do the job, but they are hardly displaying all their talents. WordPress is a highly sophisticated open source tool that can be used to build whole websites simply and efficiently; but is also a complete content management system (CMS) in its own right. First released in 2003 as a simple blogging platform, it soon developed to allow users to add external web pages, and today it is the most popular and rapidly expanding open-source CMS; with a whole support network available to answer any questions. The package comes with a number of features built in, which include monitoring your stats, set ups for search engine optimisation, connecting with social media, spam protection and managing forums; it is also compliant with all the relevant standards making it highly compatible across the internet.


One of the reasons for the popularity of WordPress is its cost effectiveness; making it possible to produce sophisticated results without putting in the development time, or the need for highly specialised skills. It comes with literally thousands of plugins and widgets readily available; that users can mix and match to portray their desired image on the net. WordPress enables companies and individuals to develop, distribute and manage their presence worldwide, with simple, yet highly effective software. Not only that, but design is no longer a problem either, open source frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap have spawned online stores selling bootstrap themes of such high quality it’s almost not worth designing anything yourself any more.

App Development

The popularity and ease of use means that there are thousands of programmers writing apps and plugins for WordPress; that users can pick and choose from to work with. The whole concept has been to design it in such a way as to make the developer’s lives easy, encouraging creativity. Word press is increasingly being seen as a platform that apps can be built on top of; which increases its popularity, and thus the number of end users for the apps.

Plug-in Examples

Akismet – automatic kismet, targets comment and trackback spam on your blog, tracking any dodgy back links and highlighting them for you so you don’t have to do the donkey work yourself.

SEO Smart links – automates the linking of key words to posts, pages and titles of your choice.

Disqus – works with the preinstalled comment system and enables a more interactive style of chat forum, comments can be threaded, gives moderators the ability to accept or reject comments and ties it all in with social media.

Custom Post Donations – enables you to collect money for good causes, or finance your website with donations.

Thank Me Later – generates goodwill by sending an automatic email to anyone who leaves a comment on your blog.
Page Builder – Gives the ability to create complex layouts with a simple drag and drop interface, built into many bootstrap themes by default.

The Future

As WordPress progresses even further; from blog platform, to site builder and now content management system, who knows what will come next. Its success remains due to its accessibility and ease of use, which has encouraged a large user base who will no doubt continue to use and expand its abilities.

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How I Used Open Source Software for My First Woodworking Project

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Let’s face it, I’m more of a computer nerd – not a carpenter. But when I needed some extra storage in my garage I realized it was time to install some cabinets along the wall. I looked into options for buying cabinets, but the costs were a little more than I could afford at the time. I started to consider building them myself after I found FreeCAD, an open-source Computer Aided Design program. Using this software, I could create a full three-dimensional model of my garage and custom design my cabinets any way I wanted to.

FreeCAD was a great tool to work with, because it has many of the features of paid CAD packages yet is free to use. It has a full GUI with a 3D viewer that is based on Open Inventor. You can create sketches and extrude them into three-dimensional objects, then scale, translate, or orient the model in space.

I started with a model of the interior of my garage, and also created some simple models of my vehicles just to make sure I accounted for the space they would take up. After all, the whole purpose of organizing the garage was to make more room for our vehicles! Next I began to try different cabinet configurations. I could have easily spent hours trying to find the “perfect” one, but I eventually settled on a design that had upper and lower cabinets in front of the cars, with a few upper cabinets on one of the side garage walls. This design seemed most likely to provide space for all of our garage stuff, but still maintained some walking space and even provided a nice little workbench area.

The models were fairly crude, but they got the job done. Next, I was able to create drawings of the models I had created within FreeCAD using the Drawing Sheets Module. I added dimensions so that I would know how to cut each piece and printed them out so that I could take paper copies to the garage (old school, I know).

The only tools I needed to complete the job were a circular saw, a table saw, and a cordless drill. Like I said before, I’m not a carpenter, but I did have a cordless drill. I did a Google search for “best circular saw“, which helped me find a good one at a reasonable price. I didn’t purchase my own table saw because my neighbor allowed me to borrow his for a few of the cuts I needed to make. He had one of the Dewalt models shown in these table saw reviews, although I can’t remember which one.

All told, I spent a couple of evenings on the design and a couple more weekends building and installing the cabinets. They aren’t the most amazing pieces of carpentry ever created, but they are extremely functional. I enjoyed the process of learning CAD and seeing the project through from concept to design and finally building.

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How To Back Up Your Computer The Easy Way

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hddAccording to statistics published recently, the single most common reason cited for not backing up your computer is that the process isn’t automatic. In other words people either forget – or can’t be bothered – to back up their computer files on a regular basis.

Of course, not doing so puts both your computer and all the sensitive files on at risk. From hackers and viruses, to hard drive crashes and human error, a surprising 40% of people lose computer files each year.

And unless you want to become the next “horror story” it makes sense to put in place a simple system that will not only keep a secure backup of your hard drive accessible to you at all times incase of problems – but also one that will do it automatically for you after the initial setup.

It’s for these two reasons that arguably the simplest and most effective way to back up your computer is to use one of the many “online backup” solutions.

In essence these companies provide you with two things:

1) Your own secure area on their servers where your computer files can be encrypted and then stored for when you need them.

2) A piece of custom online backup software to monitor your computer, encrypt files and automatically back them up for you without you needing to take any action whatsoever.

How To Back Up Your Computer With A Cloud Storage Company

The process of setting up an online backup account is surprisingly simple. There are a massive number of companies competing for your business right now with a handful offering free trials – which of course allows you to try them out for size before committing yourself.

A great place to start looking for a backup provider that meets both your needs and your budget is this searchable database whereby you simply enter a short questionnaire about your needs and are then presented with only those solutions that meet your needs. It can save hours of research, visiting one site after another and trying to compare which is really the best.

Once you’ve signed up with your preferred network the first step in the process is downloading their software onto your computer.

Once it’s installed you simply follow their “setup wizard” by answering a few questions about how often you’d like to back up your computer (we recommend the “continuous” option if it’s available) and which folders you’d like backed up.

Once this simple 30 minute installation process is complete your work is almost done. Your computer will then start to create an initial backup of all the files and folders you specified.

Be aware that this can be a lengthy process! It’s not uncommon for it to take at least a few hours – and often a day or more – depending on how many files you have on your computer hard drive.

This is possibly the most frustrating element – worth saving for a weekend – where you can leave your computer running for an extended period of time while you get on with other things around the home.

However once the process is complete you can feel confident that all your sensitive files are now securely encrypted and backup up should you ever need them in the future.

From this point on your online backup software will monitor your activities – paying attention to any new files that you create or existing files that you modify. When it spots any changes it’ll jump into life and back up these files automatically without you needing to take any action.

Just downloaded some new photos from your digital camera? Just created a new Word document for work? Just created a new PDF? As soon as your cloud storage software spots it, your backup will begin, meaning that while you’re busy chatting to your friends on Facebook or watching funny cat videos, your backup will be working away in the background keeping you safe and secure.

As you can see, backing up your computer in this way is both very simple but also incredibly user-friendly because you don’t need to remember to manually back anything up after your initial setup.

And while the initial process of backing up your hard drive takes some time, I believe it’s a worthy investment of your time that will keep your valuable computer files safe for many years to come no matter what life may throw at you in the meantime.

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Software Available for Web site design and the best options

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Websites can be taken as a group of web pages which are hosted from a single web server. These websites are accessible on the internet from anywhere in the world and at any time. It is important to keep two things in mind when designing a website. Firstly, the website should be user friendly and secondly it should uplift your personal and business needs. The web pages included in the websites are characteristically formed in plain text which includes formatting in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML), etc. HTML and XHTML are families of XML languages. Website creation needs severe technical coding. But if you possess some skills with coding and programming then website design software can be of great assistance. There are a lots of website design software packages flooding the market and internet now a days. A few of these website design software packages are really helpful and are discussed below.

1. WebEasy Professional 10: This website building software comes for around $49.95. This application gives thousands of designing templates for web page. This software is based on the principle of drag and drop. It has options for sharing link buttons of social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, etc. This software can create websites for not only desktops and laptops, but can also be useful in designing mobile device pages. The interface of the software guides us in a systematic way with the help of the cool designing templates and the sophisticated e-commerce tools. Absolutely no programming or HTML expertise are needed. This software makes you click away from your own personal or professional website. This software comes with the option of complete customization while at work, for example enhance or erase pages, modify links, letterings, pictures, texts and background colors. You can edit text on the page itself or substitute it with other texts by copy and paste. The thing i liked about this software when building an online Pressure Washer Reviews site was the customisation when it came to graphics. The options for links and design layout of each page individually meant that the overall design could be tailor made to my niche.

2. Homestead Website Design Software: This comes with the concept of choosing a design template, modify the design of template according to your requirements and then launch it to show the world. This software is apt in creating websites for industries. It has hundreds of ready to use template in this domain. The templates consists of powerful images and dedicated industrial texts to show their vision. You can either drag and drop or use the massive library of around 250, 000 images. You can add our company logos and also business names to convert it into logo designs. The website can be launched in one click. The domain names and mailing address can be personalized, such as

3. Jimdo Website Design Software: Creating a website to represent your business may be very scary task for a few people. Creating a website from scratch and coding is a very tiresome job. In such cases Website design software like Jimbo can assist greatly. The general presentations and ideas which works on paper for advertising and marketing would work better in building a website for that profession. This software comes with the option for complete customization while at work. It can enhance or erase pages, modify links, letterings, pictures, texts and background colors. Editing text on the page itself or substitute it with other texts by copy and paste. There is a mobile option during designing of your website, the support team of Jimbo will assist in setup and troubleshooting..

4. Adobe Dreamweaver: With the use of Adobe Dreamweaver web content can be created rapidly. Coding is very spontaneous and efficient in the latest version of adobe Dreamweaver as it has an updated user interface, linked tools and fresh CSS editing tools. The main utilities are enhanced CSS Designer, Live Highlight, and renovated Live View. Take advantage of current web platforms, comprising HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and JavaScript. CSS properties include box shadows and gradients. Usability developments and a new color picker increase your output by gearing up visual CSS editing workflows. Using another example from a website i recently developed, pressure washers were compared by brand / type more easily and efficiently with CSS properties, HTML and some inventive plugins. The user interface was intuitive and easy for a beginner.

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Open Source Software for Your Baby Business

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Let’s face it. We all want the best and only the best for our child. Looking for the best baby products for our little youngster is important as these help in keeping him or her clean, safe and healthy. Some of these products even help in their physical, mental and emotional development as they grow.

With the advent of technology nowadays, there are a lot of innovative ways in which we can search and compare baby products that we come across. But it’s also a fact that this technology has become a booming business, leading to the commercialization of almost every software or program we come across. Now how can you find the best baby products for your child if this happens? Open source software has that answer for you.

What is Open Source Software?
Open source software promotes independence and freedom to software developers and programmers by giving them the opportunity to study, modify, change and distribute their own software derived from this one, retaining all the rights and for any purpose they deem to be necessary. Good examples of software developed from open source software are Mozilla Firefox, Wikipedia and the mobile OS, Android.

What are the Advantages of Open Source?
If you’re planning on building software that’s centered on baby products, utilizing open source software might be a wise choice. There are a variety of products that you need to go through and it’s another issue when you compare them in terms of quality, pricing, composition and other details. What are the advantages of using open source software when it comes to finding and comparing the different baby products?

● The biggest advantage the open source has over commercially produced software is that it comes free. Even in statistical terms, several businesses save a lot of money when they utilize open source software. Nowadays, you can obtain an open source version of almost every paid software system that you see.

● Innovation is another strength that open source has. Because it allows freedom for the developers to hone and improve it, there’s a lot of room for its continued evolution. For example, if you’re looking for the top baby monitor, you’re only presented with a list that contains the most popular baby monitor or the most discussed. As the software develops, you can eventually see the different qualities of each baby monitor and the feedback coming from customers.

● Some errors and flaws are always to be expected in software. In open source, users weed out the problems by giving their own feedback upon experiencing it. Not only that, they can also give their opinions on how to make things better. For example, if you’re looking for an umbrella stroller for your baby, you’re only presented with positive and negative reviews. With later developments, you can see an interactive chart to find the best umbrella stroller that lets you look at the bigger picture.

● There are several varieties of baby products in the market. If you’re starting a business that would like to specialize on one particular baby product, you can modify the open source software that suits the needs of your business. Whether your business deals with baby strollers, baby utensils or clothes, you can adjust the open source software freely.

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Beats Music’s Move to an Open API Brings It Up to Par with Competitors

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apiImagine having access to the top of the line web entertainment, like Playboy right from your TV to order

Beats music system of streaming is just the same as any other streaming service, and in some cases, it’s more annoying because you have to grapple with a a clunky interface, not to mention the catalogue of lossless, streaming music is limited and the fact that there is no family option for streaming via AT&T.

Yet beats is releasing a developers API that makes it’s systems accessible to a wider array of platforms, which should improve the user-experience of their new system tremendously. Although their main competitors Rdio and Spotify have already implemented the use of APIs.

Beats is moving away from the proprietary model of servicing exclusive customers to offering their services to anyone that is capable of accommodating beats requirements. Imagine the entire auto industry hopping on-board or tv manufacturers.

Basically, any company that plans to develop on top of the Beats platform will have to register their application with the Beats company, get a special access token to plug into their API and make sure that all of their access tokens are properly refreshed. Developers will have something called that Beat’s calls Playground that allows developers to access and test the functionality and quirks of Beats API with just the touch of a button.

Beats is a company that has grown from absolute obscurity into a sound powerhouse and a brand that even the most seasoned music listener regards highly. With all of the people who are already signed in with Beats, in addition to their high-end sound cards and high-end audio hardware, I can only imagine Beats API platform to be superb.

Think about it: Before Youtube began running Google ads, they made virtually no money. Spotify ads are few and far between because they don’t want to turn off the fan base they’re beginning to develop… Not to mention that it is a virtually unproven market to advertise in, so investors are leery about spending tons of money for advertising in an unproven media.

BEATS IS ALREADY A MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY so they have a higher capability to build a superb system that touches and affects every area, so instead of just offering music, like Spotify, they can offer movies, music as well as access to obscure entertainment networks, like Playboy.

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Business Intelligence and Analysis of Systems and Processes

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There are numerous analytical software packages available which can improve operational efficiency and improve decision making. These applications are reliable as they work on consolidated information. They have saved many organizations heavy costs as they identify cost benefit and waste and drive action. In every day business, individuals are required to process aggregated business critical data from multiple systems such as products, customers, suppliers, employees, and channel partners. Normally this complexity leads to delayed action, slow analysis, and hampers the ability of a professional making decisions. The main factors which may lead to such situations can be imprecise assessment of risks, mistaken customer service decisions, sales, and marketing, and inefficient compliance process.

Business intelligence is a buzz word and there is an increasing need of analytical tools, to enable accurate and efficient decision making. Collaborative decision making (CDM) is an emerging application market. It combines business intelligence with social software. This system links the information contained in business intelligence systems with input from the collaborative use of social software. As a result the quality of decision making is drastically increased. Accord, developed by Robust Decisions is a standalone suite. This application measures possible outcomes against decisions by melding social tools and BI inputs with decision making templates to build consensus in a distributed workforce. The core of the product is an audit trail which contains workflows and decision making templates.

Collaborative decision making is becoming the component of more and more application types such as HR, BI, and talent management and suites. CDM also uses Web 2.0 application. Due to this collaboration, BI is being built in cloud based applications such as RightNow Technologies. Online pressure washers is one such company that has adopted this kind of software in their business. Dom Richards from pressure washer reviews online said in a statement “the business intelligence suite has enabled us to corner the market and improve our efforts as a business. In addition it has made us re-think our overall strategy.”. Second Life is another emerging platform for collaborative decisions. The key benefit is the blend of asynchronous and synchronous activities and collapsing space. For events and conferences it removes the constraint of geography and schedule and you have people and information on demand. Second Life uses the developer tool which allows its users to interact with and visualize complex data. This helps in collaborative decision making.

The main focus should be on value context, so for more efficient working of a company, greater business intelligence is needed along with up to date performance metrics. If the power of BI is made available at ground level, it can effect decisions which influence every functional area. The business intelligence software automatically gathers the data from different sources and extracts the valuable information from it to combine into a single dashboard or report. This helps a manager in organizing the information in a more effective fashion. It delivers intelligence to the management and employees so that they can make better decisions than their competitors.

The biggest benefits of business intelligence software is that they give you a cutting edge over your competitors by creating an insight to the employees on how to improve the business processes and enable efficient decision making on daily basis at all levels of the organization. The organized information can be visualized more efficiently. The companies that have opted for business intelligence software have more satisfied employees and customers in general. The business risk becomes less using this analytical software and decision making is more efficient. The right business intelligence software should be chosen for an organization to get the desired results in prosperous and difficult economic conditions.

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