How an Open Source Software is Developed

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How an Open Source Software is DevelopedThe development of open source software involves a process where the codes are made available to the public and can be used and modified by anyone. It is made by developers for end users. Because of the huge demand for software development in the past, new techniques had to be used to come up with a faster and more efficient process of creating varied computer applications. The previous methods were so structured because not many tools and technologies were available.

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Using an Open Source Licensed Software

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sing an Open Source Licensed SoftwareA lot of widely used computer applications now are results of developments done by a community of users on software that have carried open source licenses. This is a type of license which permits different users to utilize the program and apply modifications following a specific set of conditions. Users can change the codes to suit their needs and test the capacity of the program. There are other types of licenses that are also given like the special and superceded licenses. This is the one though that’s preferable when developing web applications because of the flexibility that it allows. The ease of use that it gives users is the reason why it has also been called “free software”.

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Get an Open Source Job

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Open Source is a product which can be altered by anybody, since its design is available for public access. Popularly used in technology, it now encompasses different methods and practices. Today, open source does not only refer to computer software, it is used in initiatives and projects as well. With the many benefits of open source programs, it comes as no surprise why more and more want to delve into this profession. If you are one of the many hopefuls, then these tips can help you land the open source job you have been dreaming of.

Hone Your Communication Skills
While codes are necessary to carry out the technical aspects of open source jobs, know that you have to hone your basic communication skills, first and foremost. It is vital that you improve your writing skills. When you jot something down, go through it again and edit it for any mistakes.
Consequently, it is a must that you enhance your speaking skills too. Even if you are just conversing with friends or speaking with somebody else on the phone, make sure to communicate things clearly.
While this is not entirely about your communication skills, always keep your lines open. Make sure to include your contact number/s and e-mail address in your resume. And, as it was said beforehand, look over these details to see if they are accurate. You might miss the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity simply because you have omitted a digit or letter in your document.

Brush up on your Technical Skills
With most open source jobs centered on software development, it is essential that you brush up on your technical skills. In order to succeed in the field, you must familiarize yourself with programming languages. While it might be difficult to learn at first, it can help you earn that promising open source job.
If you are relatively new to the world of coding, experts suggest that you study Python and Javascript. The former is very easy to learn and do, while Javascript is commonly used in several platforms.

Build a Solid Network
Open source is all about working together – so you need to establish solid relations in order to succeed in this field. If you are new to the world of open source, try to institute relationships with experts in your community. From here, you can go far and wide by communicating with other open source enthusiasts from different parts of the globe.
If you can, attend conferences and workshops that focus on open source software. The additional knowledge you gain from these mediums can give you a great advantage.

Use the Tools
Numerous tools are used in open source, so you need to familiarize yourself with these programs. Make the most out of Internet Relay Chat, e-mail lists and bug trackers.

Two heads are always better than one. As such, find somebody to do code reviews and programming with. This activity will help you learn – and remove the ego that can get in the way of your dream open source job.

Practice Makes Perfect
The world of open source is a vast one, you can find almost any job descriptions to suite any taste. If you want to be the best in your field, you need to learn to recognize bugs – and fix them. A good way to do so is to log in at stackoverflow, a question and answer site for programmers – whether beginners or experts. Here, you can post questions about your dilemmas – or answer the questions based on your experience. The exchange of knowledge in this website (among many others) can help refine your skills – something you need in order to get the job.

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An Informative Meeting

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Sitting down with a group of intelligent people who were experts in the software business was an intriguing experience for me. I thought it to be a great honor and privilege to sit in with these guys. They had a lot to offer as I had recently started getting involved with open source software. I found that working with such group was quite impressive as they were goal oriented and able to accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively. They were also organized and everything that was achieved for the day was kept in the records. It was one of our priorities to always keep upgrading the blog and to remain accountable for the changes made. During the meeting we discussed developing relationships with other people and improving the accessibility of this Open Source Software News Blog. I also learned that once a computer software is allotted a code must be included as it is important; without it you cannot create a software since it is under a unique authorization. With such warrant you are able to modify or make changes and improve the software making it redistributable. The meeting was very informative and interesting as there were other alternatives available to commercialize an extensive array of products.

Open Source Software the Way to Go

After the meeting I went out to a restaurant that had Wi-Fi service available and sat down. I ordered some food and while I waited I pulled out my laptop. My goal was to update my hunting stores blog and while I was updating it a couple behind me seemed very interested in what I was doing. They sold software programs that were perfect for my job. They directed me to their online business site and helped me navigate around. Not only did they have a software program perfect for my business but they showed some interest in target shooting. They said they practice on the weekends. I asked, “What type of air rifle do you guys have?” They said, “We each own a Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro.” I said, “No way!” I sell that exact same model. Then the guy said that his “oldest brother has a gun shop and he sells different types of air guns and air rifles. Plus he told them that the Gamo Whisper was one of the top air rifles available.” That is why they bought it. After some chit chat our food finally arrived and we each returned to our respective lunches. Before the couple left we swapped business cards and I told them that I would be interested in making some software purchases so I would contact them as soon as possible. They said their goodbyes and we all parted ways. After lunch I proceeded to finish making updates on my blog. When I got home I shared the good news with my brothers (my business partners) and they were on board to purchase the new software. We contacted the couple that very same day and our product was delivered within a week’s time.

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Open Source Logistics Software Options

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Logistics is an important aspect of most businesses. This management process involves the coordination and the supervision of the flow of goods – from the source to the point of delivery. In order to meet the needs of the company and the clients, logistics has to be done in an efficient manner. After all, effective logistics could churn up a big profit for the corporation.
If you are interested in a logistics job, you have to manage data, transport items, handle products, supervise inventory and monitor the warehouse. You have to do this alongside the processes of packaging and security. Because of the numerous processes involved with logistics, data have to be analyzed and ready for checking any moment. The professional has to make sure that the process is optimized, and he must be ready to analyze the modifications that happen along the way.

What is an Open Source Logistics Software?
In order to ensure the efficient flow of information – as well as the products in question – there are software systems available for use. One type of logistics program is the open source software system, which can be used with a software code.
With this program, the user can enhance, modify and integrate the entire platform. By using this system, the logistics professional can handle the logistics for any industry – be it aerospace, defense, even hospitality. At the same time, it can be utilized for retail and inventory management. If you wish to make your logistics work easier and better, then make sure to pick from any of these open source logistics software options:

Overactive Logistics
Overactive Logistics makes use of a Window-based operating system. It can be used in freight forwarding, an aspect of cargo management. Equipped with a graphic user interface, it comes in standalone and web-connected programs. With this program, you can create catalogs, as well as a schema called Logistics.
To run the Overactive Logistics program, you need to have JBoss, JAVA and MySQL installed in your computer. At the same time, you need to have the Java plug-in. Depending on the system version, different versions of the aforementioned installations will be needed. When all of these are in order, you can go ahead and download the Overactive Logistics system. Once you have your database ready, what you need to do is deploy the data source and the data driver. Once the system is run, you will see the access page. From here, you can go ahead with the program.

OSLA is a web-based open source logistics program. It is used for shipment labeling and tracking. By adding a third party interface, it can be utilized to record the shipping industry’s messaging systems, particularly those of APIs and DHLs. Document reports from FedEx and UPS can be added in this program as well.
OSLA makes invoicing easier for both the vendor and the client, as the file can be created in a CSV format. What’s great about OSLA is that it is multi-lingual. It also has different levels of user permission and administration. At the same time, the user can analyze the data and present it with corresponding graphs and statistics.

Venture Logistics
If your industry deals with the tracking of international and domestic freight, then Venture Logistics is the open source software system you are looking for. With this program, the user can keep timing, as well as customer offers and money receipts. These data can be viewed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Bill of lading can be done with outbound shipments as well.

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Apps That Help You Look Better!

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Apps are not only for people who want to play or pass the time. There is a new wave of apps that actually make you look better in one way or another, they have become very popular in the past few years helping both men and women look their best. If you love technology and love looking good then you must give these apps a try!


Do you want to get a taste of how would you look using different types of make up and hair color? Then you will love ModiFace, a cool app that brings you make over technology to the tips of your fingers. This app is very easy to use thanks to its advanced facial recognition technology which lets you try out different looks ( even looks inspired in real life celebrities) without hassle.

Among the things you can customize are foundations, mascaras, lipsticks, eyeshadows and even liners. The app is free to download.


A mirror is perhaps the most basic beauty item we have at our disposition. After all… we must take a look at ourselves to know if we have the right look! Well there’s an app conveniently called Mirror that is actually pretty useful! It is very easy to use and takes advanatage the front camera of your mobile phone or tablet.

Mirror lets you zoom in up to 4x, which is perfect to take care of details and imperfections in your make up. It also lets you take snaps so you can freeze the image and take a look at details. There’s even a cool feature (available in Pro mode) which lets you take care of your make up in the night!

Shave Me!

Shave Me! lets you shave yourself virtually (or any other person of your choice), by using a picture. It’s not really a beauty app, but it is surely lots of fun – even for women who now will be able to see how they look with a beard and mustache and what they need to do and what shaving products are best to shave it away!

The second version of the app was released this year, bringing you more styling options.


This is another app for men, but this time for men who are planning on growing a mustache or a beard. Growing a mustache is not a simple thing, because you have to find a style that suits your look and the shape of your face. Perhaps you have long beard, but using a beard trimmer may actually help you look better!

The size, color and position of the mustache is fully adjustable and you can even post a photo to Facebook to get some input from your friends!


If you love Pinterest, then you will love this app which gives you a similar experience but within the topic of beauty. New products, reviews and tutorials will surely keep you busy for several days, and you can even easily connect with people like you who are interested in looking good!

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Top Open Source Laptop Tracking Software

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Laptops cost a bundle, right? It would be devastating if someone stole our laptop. Maybe you make tons of money and it wouldn’t phase you as much. Well, I don’t, and it would ruin my week, and it would ruin my work since I work 100% off the computer.

In an effort to prevent this, I decided to start looking into laptop tracking software. So if in the worst case my laptop does get stolen, at least I’ll be able to retrieve it.

Here are some of the applications I have found while researching this.

  1. Prey: Prey is free. It’s an excellent program, and it’s probably the one we’d recommend most. Just because Prey is free doesn’t mean they cut features out. They didn’t. Prey has tons of excellent features that will help you retrieve your laptop in the even that it is stolen. As soon as your laptop is stolen, you can activate Prey. It will immediately begin creating reports on its location and usage. It’s truly a top notch application, and it’s free.
  2. My laptop GPS: It’s actually not a GPS at all; it tracks the IP address. Unlike the other laptop GPS, this one isn’t free. It actually costs about $1,200. This seems like a lot. And honestly, it is, however, it gets the job done and then some. Let’s say that the thief is able to turn off the GPS, the laptop will still be able to be located through the IP. This is enormously helpful. However, since the other applications are generally free. We’re not quite convinced it’s worth the $1,200.
  3. The Laptop lock: This application completely locks down the computer in the event that it is stolen. You are able to activate the application from your smart phone, and it makes it so the thief can’t use the laptop, and the GPS will also activate so you can locate it. Also, this laptop is free. It might be one of the most effective laptop tracking applications out there. It’s definitely worth a look!

Getting your laptop stolen is no fun at all. It’s costly; and it puts you in a terrible position. We can’t always prevent our laptops from being stolen, but we can do our best to track them. These applications will work wonders in preventing this.

Do you have a favorite laptop tracking application? Please, share it with us, and we’d love to talk about it! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to leave them in the comment box below. We really appreciate you taking the time to read this article. We’d now like to generate a Q & A and a discussion about these applications and others. Let us know what you think!

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5 Google Chrome Extensions That Will Save You Time

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Whatever task you are involved in at a particular time – finishing homework, creating a presentation or carrying out research for the best fantasy football team names – you must work really hard to remain focused on the job at hand. If you use Google Chrome often, you would know that there are numerous distractions like fun websites, games and entertainment. This is further enhanced by the enticing nature of the web itself.

Fortunately, there are some very useful Google chrome extensions that will make your life easier and not procrastinate.
The internet is, by nature, addictive. It is constantly transforming and enticing the user to watch recent videos, play the latest games and keep up with the funniest fantasy football team names. Keeping this in mind, chrome developers have created ways of keeping your mind focused at all times.

There are many Google Chrome posts that feature great useful tools and extensions that help in enhancing productivity. Below, you will find five of the very best of these extensions.

Read Later Fast

There are times when you find an article, news or a story over the internet that seems extremely interesting and you think that you have to read it immediately. You think that you will be bale to meet your work deadline easily even if you take time to read the stuff. For example, if you want to read about the best fantasy football team names, you may read them at a later time when you are free. Read Later Fast is a very simple, easy and useful extension that has been created to keep you focused on your task. Rather than wasting precious time on reading the news, article or story, you may simply click on the page and save it for later when you will have ample time. The page is saved and transferred to the Read Later’s screen which the user can access anytime from Google Chrome. When the pages have been saved, they can either be archived or deleted at the behest of the user. The extension also allows the user to save the archives with the help of the Google account and access them from other devices.


It is next to impossible to organize open tabs when you are carrying out an online research. There are usually several tabs that are opened simultaneously which makes it very untidy and confusing. Tabcloud identifies all the tabs that are currently open. It allows the user to name these windows and move between these tabs with ease and comfort. This helps you categorize the tabs and focus on your work rather than getting mixed up in the jumbled tabs. Moreover, the extension offers an opportunity to save a group of tabs near the window that houses it which helps to simplify the tasks.


Getting even the simple tasks done over the internet becomes extremely difficult when you are on the move. Wunderlist is an effective Google Chrome extension that helps you keep the daily list of tasks inside your browser. You are also allowed to add new tasks to the wunderlist inbox and check them any time of the day. When you tick a task as complete, it is automatically removed form the list. Wunderlist also allows you to categorize. The user can create folders and keep different lists in the appropriate places. Wunderlist is also available for Android and iOS. The list created by the user can be synced when on the go.

Task Timer

Noting the time spent on tasks and activities is always important. It becomes crucial when you are working on multiple projects at the same time. Task Timer is a Google Chrome extension that assists you in keeping track of time spend on your tasks. The results are presented in the form of a pie chart.The user only needs to tag the tasks and specify the tentative time for completing it.


Writing blogs and articles on the browser is rather difficult. The user keeps experimenting with new fonts, formats and headers / footers. This results in wastage of precious time. The Writer allows you to write all the content without getting distracted. It provides a peaceful environment for writing that is devoid of fancy buttons and enticing content.

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How to Stay Productive At All Hours

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Anybody who loves open source software shares in the joy of actually getting into the code and writing it, reworking it, and tweaking it so it’s better than ever, as much as they actually love using the software itself. That’s part of what makes OSS such a powerful concept and ideal. It’s powered by a huge community of people who continue to drive to make it better and more complete.

But how do you stay at your best, and continue being productive? It’s easy to get bleary-eyed as you spend another hour toiling away on that code you can’t quite seem to get just right. Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can help yourself stay on track and stay productive at all times, and any hour of the night.

First, it’s time to start considering your body as a machine itself. Maybe not quite like a computer, but maybe more like a vehicle. Your body, your personal vehicle, needs the right kind of fuel in order to operate at the highest level. You don’t put regular gas in a car which calls for premium, right? Well, your body and your brain really needs “premium” if you want to start increasing your productivity levels and operating more effectively and efficiently.

That means that during those late night coding marathons, it’s time to put away the bags of chips, the junk food, the ice cream and the soda. Instead, give yourself the fuel you need to thrive.

When you eat a lot of sugar and junk food, what happens is that you experience a quick blast or burst of energy, but then you inevitably have that crash. You either stop, or you need to eat even more sugar or drink even more caffeine to keep going. But when you eat enough healthy protein, you’ll be able to distribute more energy consistently over a longer period of time. Mix up a quick, low calorie shake using protein, fresh fruit, and either juice or milk and you’ll be all set.

Add in a few extra ingredients such as peanut butter or yogurt or even a bit of chocolate to really get the flavor you’re craving without doing it at the expense of junk food which slows you down. Get the right nutrition, and your body is fueled and revved up, ready to tackle any pesky bit of coding which awaits.

Fueling your body so you can stay mentally focused and sharp also means you need to stay hydrated. Your body is comprised mostly of water, and when you’re dehydrated, even a little bit, what happens is basically all of your body down to the cellular level starts operating at less than 100%.

You may lose your focus, get physically tired, or just hit a wall you can’t get through. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and avoid the caffeine cycle and skip the coffee and soda. Instead, if you do need caffeine, try brewing a cup of tea to give you a healthier jolt in the right direction.

Of course, don’t forget to get enough sleep, either. It may seem counterintuitive to getting something done, but the truth is that if you don’t get enough sleep, you’re not going to be functioning at a very high level anyway. Sometimes, it’s best just to click save, turn the computer off, go to bed, and save the code for the next day or another time. When you’re well rested you’ll be able to work much quicker and more successfully.

Finally, remember that sometimes the key to increased productivity is actually taking a break, even if you’re not going to sleep. Switch off the laptop and go for a walk. Read a book, or play with your dog for a few minutes. Small little rechargers such as this will actually help you be more productive when you’re back at it, as you’ll be preventing yourself from burning out.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to help give yourself a little boost here and there. Eat the right things, stay hydrated and get enough sleep. Learn how to stay productive with your tasks and on the right track. You may be surprised at just how huge of a difference you’ll experience with your energy and productivity by making a series of small changes to your lifestyle.

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Personal Trainer Courses now include high tech Health Checks

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As fitness training providers who use advanced computer software in many of our operations, we fully understand and embrace the need to constantly keep up to date with software innovations, be they open source or commercially available, and to this end we are now developing our own highly specific software that we intend to make available to personal trainers and fitness professionals.

You may be aware that in the United Kingdom there has been a requirement for some time now for Local Authorities under their Public Health programmes to offer people aged between 40 and 74 a free health check. The main problem with this otherwise sound idea is the logistics of getting people to attend the health check and the cost and expense of the personnel involved in completing a 20 minute assessment and compiling the assessment questions.

Here in our company we are working on a new piece of software that allows people to undertake the majority of the NHS Health Check in their home. The idea is that they will log onto a health check website and will undergo a fifteen minute questionnaire that will explore all aspects of their lifestyle and medical history to provide an independently validated health rating from the standard algorithm QRisk2. From this we can then determine if the individual will require further tests such as a blood pressure, cholesterol or fasting glucose or HbA1c medium term glycated haemoglobin test.

The purpose of all of this of course is to provide the personal trainer with an unrivalled set of data to guide the client in terms of a training programme and appropriate lifestyle changes to lower or eliminate their cardiac risk. The benefits to the client are clear and it offers a unique new way that personal trainers can engage clients that would otherwise be difficult to reach, namely the deconditioned high risk population. This is ironic as it is this very population that require the services of an expert lifestyle health coach such as a personal trainer.

So what does the online health check involve? Well, all clients will have to complete around thirty questions designed to assess cardiac risk. Questions include historic and non-modifiable risks such as family history of stroke and cardiovascular disease as well as more traditional and expected lifestyle questions such as smoking, alcohol consumption and amount of physical activity undertaken. The score which is represented as a percentage provides the relative risk of having a cardiac event over the next 10 years where zero equals no greater or lesser risk than a healthy person with no risk factors.

Out tutor who teaches the Discovery gym instructor training classes has already asked his contacts in the fitness industry who own their own gyms to hand out vouchers to their members that entitle them to receive one of our health checks for free.

The beauty of this software is that once installed it costs nothing and the personal trainer can re-assess the client periodically to monitor cardiac risk as their programme progresses. Hopefully as the risk goes down, this reinforces to the client the importance of the service that is provided by the personal trainer and cements a longer term and trusting client relationship.

Discovery Learning are recommending to all of our graduates who we meet on these level 3 courses in personal training that they consider providing health screening as a natural extension of their businesses. Not only will it expand their client base, if done correctly it will significantly expand their turnover and profit.

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Fruity Loops for Mac

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Fruity Loops, the legendary music production software used by the greats such as Deadmau5 and Skrillex, has finally been ported to Mac operating systems. So has it been worth the wait? Find out here!

It’s here.

For years, the music production community who chooses to work on an iOS platform has been unable to use Fruity Loops, the ground breaking software by Image Line. However, in late 2013 the company announced that they were in the BETA testing phase for the Mac release of their coveted program. Now, in 2014, the software is finally available for download AND it’s a freeware program, encouraged to be spread around to those who have waited patiently for it. So what does FL Studio offer the producer?

1. Piano Roll

Recording your MIDI track has never been easier with the piano roll feature on FL Studio. Upon opening your DAW, the piano roll will automatically pop up, allowing you to switch between virtual instruments, adjusting the sound and feel of your track in a heartbeat.

To actually record the MIDI notes, you can either hand draw them all in, or connect a MIDI controller to your computer. If you don’t have a MIDI keyboard yet, head over to MBMK for some of the best deals around.

2. Mixing

Fruity Loops has a 64 track mixer, which means that you can create an incredibly deep track without the need to switch between windows and programs. Layer on up to 64 different instruments and sounds to fill out the melodies, harmonies and bass lines of your masterpiece with the incredible mixer FL Studio offers.

Distort the parameters of your track by incorporating up to eight different effects through your mixer, and even split the sounds between left and right stereo channels.

3. Additions

FL Studio comes pre-equipped with nearly 40 different synthesizers, pads, samples, drums and other effects. On top of that, there is an almost unlimited amount of downloadable plug-ins, which will help you create an infinite combination of sounds, making your track as unique as your style.

The latest and greatest addition to the FL plug-ins is the Groove Machine Synth, which is a wavetable synthesizer that allows instant modulation of selectable effects with the use of the X/Y pads on your screen or MIDI controller. The pads are large and easy to control, which means that you’ll be getting only the sound you want from them, without trying to tweak tiny amounts here and there on the fly.

4. Legendary Support

Fruity Loops has been around for almost two decades, dominating the dance music and hip hop production scenes. They didn’t get this far without having stellar customer support and retention perks. Once you purchase FL Studio, you have access to lifetime upgrades of the program, never spending another penny on what you’ve already purchased. On top of that, Image Line has several ways to get ahold of the service team behind the software: a 24 hour phone service, email support and a 24 hour online chat support service, as well as the Fruity Loops forums, where you can talk with other producers and share ideas with the community.

Overall, Fruity Loops for Mac is a welcome DAW for all of those who have been longing to use the program all these years! Comparable to the likes of Reaper and Logic, FL Studio won’t disappoint this entirely new generation of users.

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Half of Pizza Hut’s Customers Order Using Mobile Technology

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Pizza Hut’s investment in mobile commerce is paying off. The company states that in the past three years, sales coming from its mobile commerce app and website has grown by over 4,000%.

Fans of all types of pizza toppings are turning to their smartphones, tablets and laptops to order their next slice of pizza.

Pizza Hut reports that around 50% of their orders came from smartphones and tablets using their mobile site and not their app. Pizza Hut invests between 15% and 20% in their e-commerce budget which has helped fuel the large growth of their mobile division. Today, websites account for a large portion of Pizza Hut’s orders. Nearly one-third of their orders are made using their desktop and mobile websites.

The chief marketing officer for Pizza Hut, Kurt Kane says, “Customers are becoming more familiar with purchasing products using their smartphones and we’ve seen this across our mobile sites. It’s going to continue to grow, just as traditional websites continued to grow after the e-commerce boom of the early 2000′s.”

Kane says he predicts Pizza Hut’s mobile says doubling in the next five years.

According to Pizza Hut, their mobile app is available on 95% of smartphones including phones running Google Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows.

“We understood early on that our customers were spending more of their time online, so we invested our money so we could be there with them”, says CEO Scott Bergren. “As they switched from desktops to smartphones, we were there as well.”

Pizza Hut has plans to expand beyond mobile apps and launched their first Xbox 360 app in April of 2013. The Pizza Hut for Xbox 360 app contains plenty of features to help gamers order their pizza without having to leave their game. The app features high-definition graphics, voice commands and hand-motion recognition.

Not only has Pizza Hut increased their mobile presence but they have also increased their social media presence. Their social media following is strong with more than 10.9 million Facebook fans and over 640,000 Twitter followers.

In January of 2014, Pizza Hut celebrated the 20th anniversary of their first online order. They launched their online ordering system in 1994 and the first order was a large pepperoni, mushroom and extra cheese pizza.

Digital Timeline

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their online presence, Pizza Hut posted a timeline of their digital technology. After launching their first website in 1994, they began providing advanced ordering in 2003. In 2007, they jumped head first into the social scene by launching a Facebook page.

Sales from online ordering hit $1 billion dollars by 2008 and by 2009, Pizza Hut launched their first ordering app. Based on the popularity of their iPhone app, they soon expanded into Android and Windows operating systems. In 2013, they launched their first Xbox app which allows gamers to order pizza right from their gaming console. Mobile app orders have increased by 100 percent since the first app was launched in 2009 and, today, makes up over half of their pizza orders.

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