Dental marketing tricks: FB post ideas to attract dental clients

Fortunately, social media is the best thing that has been keeping people sane and happy when the world is treading a rough time due to the pandemic. Social media is also the platform that aids and strengthens customer relations and is a marketer’s delight. While social media is brim with many applications, Facebook is considered a user-friendly platform extensively used by marketers for Dental Marketing in Canada. Review a few social media tricks that effectively promote dental services and assist them in enhancing brand credibility.

While social media marketing is the best way to advertise your services, the job requires a dedicated effort and time to make it fruitful. Posting unique and informational FB content not only requires your subject expertise but also needs a clear strategy and demographic knowledge. Here is a brief insight into different ways one can make Facebook dental posts unique and lucrative.

Facebook dental post ideas to enhance brand visibility

A good Facebook post invites attention only if the message intended is genuine and exciting. Marketers understand this and devise novel messages unique to the brands. Here are a few practices adopted by dental marketers to improve their brand visibility on social media

Tagging the team members in FB posts

Including your team members in Facebook posts is not only an act of solidarity, but it also helps in conveying to the audience that your service is a joint effort and each member contributes equally to the dental practice. Tag your team members in a Facebook post along with their photos, a short bio, and a few fun facts about working with your organization. The posts are unique to your dental practice and will attract enough attention from the audience.

Share trivia and engage audiences in engaging question-answer sessions.

Social media is all about being social and engaging the audience in exciting conversations. As a daily dose of motivation, you can post trivia related to dentistry and add a pinch of humor to it. A touch of humor attracts more audience, but make sure that humor does not cross the limit and hurt any sentiments. You can even post engaging questions related to dentistry and await audience responses. Select the best response and share them as another post or on platforms like Instagram for broader publicity.

Multimedia contents

Social media is also about more visuals. Create entertaining videos within your budget or approach your dental marketer for exciting graphics. Ensure that the content concerns dentistry and is authentic. Plagiarism or using copyrighted content can invite legal issues.

Make the most of holidays and special’ days.’

Engage the audience with fun posts for national holidays and add a message related to dentistry in it. Also, make the most of the unique ‘days’ concerning dental practices like National smile day or National brush day. Promote your services with fun and informative posts regularly.

Include as many case studies

Case studies make interesting posts. With the permission of patients, make a case study that includes before and after photos or videos. Case studies on dental implants, dentures, veneers, and braces make good reads and invite the required attention.

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