Important facts about dental crowns


A dental crown is one of the highly utilized dental restoration techniques. More than 15 million individuals in the country have bridge or crown replacements. If you are interested to obtain dental crowns treatment, you should consider fixing an appointment with a leading dentist in estobicoke. Also, learn the benefits and types of dental crowns as a full list here before fixing an appointment.

A dental crown is the fixed prosthetic device fixed to an implant or tooth. It is mostly referred to as crowns and helps in covering a damaged tooth. It is mostly utilized to restore the confidence and smile, enhance the appearance and strength of the tooth, and restore the size and shape of the tooth. After the crown is placed, it will be cemented. The problem tooth will be enclosed by the permanent implant. Thus, your smile will be restored and you can also be confident again.

Dental crowns are suggested for several purposes such as:

To safeguard the week tooth. There are chances for the teeth to get the chip, crack, break, and decay. When the cap is placed, the tooth will be strongly fixed. When you have a protected tooth, you can be sure of a healthy smile.

To reinstate the broken tooth. If the tooth is severely worn or affected, caps can be utilized to restore the tooth.

To enhance the smile. The smile looks better by covering a misshapen or discolored tooth.

To offer support for the dental ridge. When it comes to a dental bridge, you need to have two healthy and strong teeth on both sides. A dental crown will be planned if in case, the dental bridge requires extra support.

Kinds of crowns:

There are several materials to create a permanent crown. It includes ceramic, resin, porcelain bonded to metal, stainless steel, and metal.

Metal can hold pressure from constant biting and chewing and is durable. They are highly resilient to breakage or chipping and are long-lasting. Color is the only major drawback of metal crowns. It is recommended for molars that are not seen.

If you are looking for a temporary option, stainless steel crowns serve best. It is used for adults to preserve the tooth. In some cases, the crown will be made using a different material and stainless steel crown will be applied like a stop-gap. It is mostly used for children. It is because they need one procedure and are cost-effective. For children, the crown will be set up on the primary tooth. It means the crown will fall when the permanent tooth develops into the gums.

Another cost-effective option is resin. But these resin crowns have chances to wear. They can also crack due to pressure.

The cost of dental crowns depends upon the treatment planned and material used. Some of the important factors considered for deciding the crown’s cost includes geographic location, the material used, and dental insurance coverage. If you have serious tooth decay or damage, you should get extra dental procedures. The dentist may suggest you get a root canal, dental x-rays, professional cleaning, or bridge along with the dental crown.

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